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The Power Washer's Guidebook (4th Rev.) - Ships Free!
The Power Washer's Guidebook (4th Rev.) - Ships Free!
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Model: HP-PWGBook
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Only $27.99
Profit in Power Washing New 4th Edition - ($15.99)
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Book: 6" x 9"
Pages: 250

4th Revision!

Allison Hill

Power washing entails much more than simply renting or purchasing a machine then finding something to clean. Power washing is a science, incorporating physics, hydraulics and chemistry. It requires ample training to clean correctly and efficiently. Therefore, one goal of the Power Washer's Guidebook is to educate end users on proper cleaning methods as well as areas that require extra caution. But, just as importantly, power washing is also an art. No two con- tractors clean exactly the same. What may work well for one may not work at all for another.

With the "art" of power washing in mind, each chapter of this book was written by or with the help of pressure washing manufacturers, distributors and contract cleaners from around the nation. Again, because there are no end-all cleaning methods, many of the chapters were then reviewed and revised by other industry professionals in order to help give a well-rounded view of the market. Any specific equipment, chemicals or cleaning methods listed are the writer's personal preference; they may not necessarily be the best choice for you.

Most importantly, this book is to serve as a guide. Its purpose is to introduce you to a few of the more popular power washing markets; it should not serve as the last word for any of them. Always consult with your distributor, other contractors or contact one of the associations listed on page 250. The number of potential power washing markets is as limitless as the imagination. With proper training and a little common sense, the potential for your business' success is limitless as well. Good Luck!

Table of Contents

The Pressure Washer Industry, An Introduction
Introduction to Detergents, Environmental Concerns, A Powerwasher's Safety Checklist, Estimating ABC's.
The Business of Being in Business
Small Business Basics, Liability Insurance for Contractors, The Internet.
Abrasive Waterjetting
Agricultural Allicataions
Auto Detailing
Awning Cleaning
Blind Cleaning
Brick Cleaning - New Construction
Exhaust Cleaning
Flat Surface Cleaning
Graffiti Removal
Grain Elevators
Heavy (or "Off-Road") Equipment Cleaning
High Rise Rigging
Historic Restoration
House Washing
Manufacturing Facilities
Marine Trades Industry Applications
Paint And Coatings Removal
Sewer Jetting
Shopping Malls
Tank Cleaning
Truck Washing
Window Cleaning
Wooden Decks and Roofs

Publisher Charlene Yarbrough
Copyright © 1993 Advantage Publishing Company. Inc.