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1/8" Sewer Nozzle # 5.5 (Ram)
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Model: PP-TRS55S1F
Brand: J.E. Adams
Availability: Usually In Stock
Ships By: UPS Ground
MSRP: $20.37
Only $14.99



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The sewer nozzle works for most cleaning and clog situation: Corner, Laser, Ram, and Rotating. The reverse jets on the fixed and rotary nozzles pull the hose through the tube or sewer line and blast debris from line or tube walls. Fixed nozzles also have forward orifice to blast blockage out of the way. The sewer nozzle slides easily into sewer or drain lines to flush debris and clean frozen pipes. Forward port blasts into pipe to brake up clog and debris. Backward ports drive the nozzle forward while flushing debris. Sewer nozzles are rated to 4,000 PSI.


Sewer Nozzle # 5.5 - 1/8" (Ram).