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Legacy Under Carriage Cleaner
Legacy Under Carriage Cleaner
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Model: VM-87493030
Brand: Legacy
Availability: Usually In Stock
Ships By: UPS Ground
MSRP: $962.13
Only $649.00
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No more crawling under a vehicle, simply connect to your hot or cold water pressure washer. Removes road grime, fuel and oil contaminants.



• Under Carraige
• 35 lbs
Easy to handle and maneuver
• Provides a clean working environment for technicians
• Removes snow sludge and ice
Stainless steel rotating assembly built to withstand pressures up to 4000 PSI
250° F
• 5.5" Required Clearance
• Gun included
• 4 Nozzles: (2) 0° # 2.0, (2) 25° # 2.0


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